“ Two souls with a single thought

Two hearts that beat as one”
-John Keats

Is love a syndrome of madness?
Giving out a warmth, and vigour;
Affection and self assurance!
Nothing else contribute to one’s
Contentment in life, to carry on.

With the memory of one kiss till death;
Gratification of a birth by one touch;
It transcends through death to re-birth.
It carries humans to the lonely shores
Of death and re-births all at once
In the same moment of a lofty realization.

The mind always yearn to trespass
Into the forbidden parameters.
And the social taboos always relate
To physical promiscuity only.
Love remains in the spiritual sphere
Of passion and affection, and tenderness.

We have corroded ourselves in our quest
For physical urges and outward appearances;
They are ephemeral and evasive.
Limiting our vistas to perceive and
Comprehend the truth far beyond
Our gaze and reach, eternally.
Love has been debased through recent decades.
We try to buoy up a system
That has become obsolete and irrelevant
To modern life, that is insidiously destructive
For the soul and its purity.

~.. Kunjubi






What for is sweetness embedded in this song

If you are not coming here once to listen to it..

Why the flowing water should keep love in its mind

If there is no shore to embrace it; or

To hug and hold close in the flurry of passion.

Why should the moon show its face among the clouds,

On a night when you are not beside me then.

Why should the rainbow bloom in the firmament,

If you are not there as a peacock in its pavane..

Where is the charm, which bewitches me with a sweet smile?

Tell me, my beloved; I am groping in the gloomy eve of time

That awakens my dreams, and arouses me out of my lassitude;

The heart is tuning up the chords of love and the sweet

Music is flowing out through the breeze, and

Love has become an inimitable inebriating rhythm.

The doors of the ivory castles will open for us.

The flower of Paradise will bloom magically for us.

A new dawn is opening its eyelids from slumber.

Wipe your tears and trust that you are not alone.

The spring zephyr will confide in your ears

That without me you are a non-entity.






Could you tell him about the love in my heart,

When you see him next, my dearest breeze?

Whatever my heart speaks, you can

Whisper into his ears softly,

And I am sure, your tinkling bangles

Will laugh out loud, at my stupid words,

Gazing in the mirror of the placid river.

When the blue sky spread its peacock plumes,

A blossom starts smiling from the top of a tree;

My quivering desires became a ruby

In my heart yearning to hear his coquetry,

And to chatter my replies, garnished with love,

When I stand reticently near him,

And my desires fuming inside like a volcano;

When I flee away playfully without answering

Him, and mutter my reproaches for being late.

As I desire with passion to see him again,

And to close my eyes, lest I see his trembling

Lips seeking to close on mine lustfully,

I am covered with a sweet bashfulness

And turn numb, stupefied and shudder.

But my dear friend, don’t tell him those things.





The quill that wrote the treatise of Erotic Love (Kama sutra)
Of the great sage, has become, the letters of a mystic spell,
In the quiver of the human heart;
And the arrows of Cupid!
Was it perpetrated, to awaken the human soul,
From its blessed meditation and penance practiced?
Or to rectify, his innate instincts, and to spoil its rhythm?
Or to hunt for the beauty of the age, enveloped in illusion?
Or to change the sweet and divine love
In the heart of the human beings, into
Lasciviousness and libido, to make it
Abhorrent, and repulsive?
The sage only meant of honoured
Practices among spouses
At propitious times, days, and seasons.
But as ages progressed, it became
A method for experiments and researches,
To test, if those written words are pragmatic.
And Eros vanished long back!




It could be just an agitation in the mind
That devoured the words unknowingly;
Words that smouldered in the stumbling heart.
Or it could be the wailing of the shivering soul
In the wind of a winter sowing silence around.
Our lingua franca is so rich with the many beautiful
Words, if they are unsaid or unuttered.
What will be the colour of the feather, falling down
In the recess of a dream and reality?

At the inception, it will be flamboyant with

All the seven colours of the spectrum;
Then fading and blanching into
Disgusting grey, and finally
Into the copper colour of age old brass vessels’
Patina, where most of the time, love takes
Its toll of death finally, and walk away.
So, my dear, swallow your words you desire to utter,
Let the wine of tender love give crimson
Hue to the starving innards of my body,
And intensive sweetness to my scorching lips
Together with a benevolent touch on
My pale emaciated arms.
~ Kunjubi









I tied up a swing, with the shattered threads
Of my dreams, high up on the branches
Of a tree, that I tended and watered,
With the tears flowing out of my dismal solitude;
Nourishing it to grow up and spread out,
In the far away shores of the sea of time,
In the silent valley of death, and oblivion.

I waited for my soul mate to join me,
Under the bluish light of the twinkling stars,
Keeping my heart in my eyelids for her.
I could not hear the flutter of time flying away
Over my vigil, unnoticed, in my consternation.

Cry now; cry till your heart bursts.
Hide in a place, where no one can notice you;
Lonely, and aloof from everyone.
Why did you attempt to awaken the
Strings of music, touching it with
Your delicate fingertips, without
The accent of the all powerful destiny?
Why did you try to kindle the desires, without
Knowing the finale of the story beforehand?

Compressing all thoughts and emotions
Into a monosyllable;
And in a glance to say farewell;
Let us bid farewell to each other now.
The countenance has reddened,
Tears welled up and brimming over,
In those eyes, where exquisite dreams
Dazzled in splendor, once.
Taking leave without saying a word,
In the magnificent lustre of the evening sky.

Is there any emotion that hesitates
To surrender, to silence?
Any lyric or utterance that could not be subdued
By the mind, in its reticence?
The spring time is receding bidding adieu,
Offering its ultimate bouquet of flowers.
The leaves are silent preparing to fall down.
Is there a heart that can’t be suppressed
By the mute will of the mind;
Any sound or any rhythm, beats or cadence
Or music or vibes, that could resist?




The rustles of your sweet affection

Approaches me from unknown distances;

With that feather touch, you titillate my mind,

Once again and carry me into a trance.

The moment when the waves adorn

Garlands of kisses on the evening sky,

Has also faded in the graveyard of horizon;

You come over, my beloved, before the nectar

In my lips trickle away and get empty.

The crimson dot on the forehead has faded;

The brocaded attire has also rumpled.

I am awaiting for you to comeback,

Through this path, in coy meekness,

With pale flushed continence,

In the euphoria of meeting you…





Can you teach me, my mind, like you have taught
Me, to reminisce, how to forget also?
Can you teach me to forget in entirety?
Let me stifle the wings of my recollections,
And dissolve into an endless sleep, eternally,
Deliquesce into the bluish magnificence
Of the firmament, of dreams.

If the galloping crystal of hours
Could ever remain at a standstill,
In the long winding path of life;
If ever, the dead yesterdays.
And the dying present day, and
The unborn tomorrows, will not
Afflict the temperament of the mind;
I need not have to live forlorn on the shores
Of the everlasting ineptitude,
Which he has gifted me at parting,
For the inimitable love I had for him,
Unflinching, but unrequited…..

Innumerable dreams, countless passions,
Smoldering life, and fluffing emotions;
All wriggling in the mind,
Turned out as hallucination or delusions….