She asked me another question.

When a man kisses a woman,

What is he extracting out of her through that kiss?


The fullness of her lips?

The softness of her cheek?

The radiance of her smile?

The dream lurking in her eyes?

The moonlight in her soul?

or AIDS? or DEATH?

What is gained in a kiss?

Kissing a splendour or the moisture?

Are you burning away your solitude in you, by that kiss?

Or are you in search of the ecstasy of a union?

What are you filling in your life by snatching something,

which is not in you, from a woman?

Would Shakespeare have believed when he wrote

“make me immortal with a kiss“, that a man’s birth

turns immortal or his life becomes eternal by the kiss of a woman.

When I can not comprehend this unsolved mystery, I am bewildered and is in a daze.

If your love is a system of alphabet, to decode

the complexity of my existence, then only I can

understand the true meaning of what I am……







3 thoughts on “ANATOMY OF A KISS

  1. This gives an insight to the world of roamance and sex….and Love CONGRATS..i WILL THINK ABOUT IT SERIOUSLY.

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