Solitude! Are you also a lover?
Are the dewdrops the wrath of the night?
Strange desires! your paths are so broad,
And amazing, with my love.

Soft breeze, can you here this rhyme?
Could you go and whisper into her ears?
Can you come hear to shower the music
Embedded with the love, to me?

The woods have assumed a splendor
And the life a pleasure, always in here.
Forever spring, without seasons.
The spirit always,is in harmony,
All throughout the day and night.
Today my silence is immersing
In the rhythm of the melody
Of your love……..


In the moonlight…

Have you forgotten that night?
When we first met, in the moonlight?
We exchanged our glances artfully.
My beloved, my memories are all
Crowded with the enlightened streams
Of your enchanting smiles.
You are the tiny waves which gives bliss
To the withering memories of my forlorn life.
My pleasures pure, have become mute pangs
Now, smothering my morbid soul.
The fragrance emanating in my life
Out of your reminiscence is now
An elixir, for my existence.
The eternal radiance of your smile
Enliven my spirits and soften my pangs….


Oh! Death…
You will not die…
You went without hurrying at last
Into a long dark tunnel .
But you did not die…

There was a piece of lamb awaiting
For you in there…
I am your spirit.
It is time, since I have lost you in me.
You left like the withered petals of a rose,
Assembling back into its stem;
Like the rustle of leaves humming
In harmony with the breeze.
You are a twinge in my heart
Of a poem I could not write…

Each birth, glided slowly into this
Forbidden path, is a poem
Lost in oblivion eternally;
Yes, lost poems…..
What your love, your candor,
Your smiles, your jests, your comradeship  could
Fill in my heart and eyes?
Are only two drops of tears!


My Beloved…

My beloved!
Whenever I feel grief in my heart
I decorate it with myriads of thoughts
About your passion and serene smile..
I lived for quite some time with my
Too vulnerable- ‘touch-me-not’ soul.
Whenever my feelings vex and cajole me
Your name adores my lips!

Because you loved me so much
I felt the ecstasy you brought into my life.
You gave me the wings of a butterfly
And I flew, and saw the wonders of this life.
I tasted the nectar from the flowers in your garden,
I drank the sweet wine of your mouth.
We visited the unseen vistas of pleasures,
I was intoxicated with your love.
Once, I thought this heart belonged to me
And was mine, all alone and aloof;
Now it is only yours.

That Evening….

That Evening…

The amorous tinkle of your anklet
I heard, and the sweet treads in the corridor
Sounded, when you came in
Like the golden rays of the evening sun
Coming filtered through the colored
Panes, of my window.

As a soft overture, when someone touches
The strings of my tense heart,
Like the raindrops settling on the leaves,
Squirting nectar on my life
I was enthralled to hear the soft footsteps.

When you paddled into my chamber
Like the bee circling around the bloom,
Shrouded by minuscule drops
Of the morning snow,
As the footsteps approached me
I found you as another magnificent sun,
Trying to drown in the ocean, of my silent love.

The golden hue of the sun covered you
In silhouette
The buds of my ecstasy bloomed
In those moments, I became one in you
And you became one in me.

The earth and the sky stared to find out
The lover of this gorgeous bride and asked.
“Whoever is the bridegroom of this nymph?”
The breeze whispered into the ears of the
Flower. ”What will happen to night?”
And a few stars peeped out from behind the curtain,
In coy meekness, and blinked gleefully