A Hornbill…

My beloved! My sighs are cast as flowers in your path
Can’t you see? Where did you go?
Leaving ceaseless grief in my heart,
Without ever telling me?

The blooms of desires you showered in my memory,
The mute signs you conveyed through your eyes,
The songs of love you chanted for me…
All the pages of my mind is filled with those
Pictures, you painted with the brush dipped
In your eternal love, and your affection
Wrote the epics of love you endured…
The colours have faded and moldy.
My songs have become wingless flies;
My sky has turned into blackened dusk;
My tread are stumbling, I am groping
To find my goal.

Time, eternal time, on the wings of a chariot
Of four seasons, is passing away.
I still wait for you with a feeble hope
Of a hornbill for the rain in the summer.


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