Footprints on the sand…



Sitting on the window sill, I strained my ears

To hearken the voice of your treads.

I searched for your foot prints,

On the courtyard of my house, in the sand

The tinkle of your bangles rustling

Against your attire, was heard

Somewhere, through the air.

In my yearning to hear the soft music

Of your love, I heard the vailing of

A nightingale, singing to its mate.

I saw a shadow in the twilight

On the footpath, leading to my house.

Was that an apparition?


A thousand tidings, I wanted to tell you;

Soothing your love stricken heart;

Wiping, the crystal drops of tears in your eyes.

To enliven your insipid passions,

To take you away into the land of the rainbows,

Among, the wandering clouds, where the moon

Traverse leisurely among the stars.

There we will find our tenement

And live for ever and ever in our love.




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