This night, these melodies, these festivities,
My angel!, will vanish into thin air..
The dreams we fondle today, will yield to harsh realities.
The mirth we hold on our lips, will fade to whimpers.

It is perfect while it lasts, ecstatic, sweet, and passionate.
Every moment a celebration!
Every night an odyssey, through the shores of
Lascivious pleasures and passions.
Every morning, filled with remembrances
Of plays, enacted in our bedchamber;
Of romantic ardours, sending shock waves
All through the senses, springing sensations;
Soul stirring, bewitching…

Here, in this night, when waves of every vital tissues
Are seeking its mate, for its unison,
This lake immersed in modesty, writes it stories
In poems, in the moonlight, with its toe nails.
Do we have any more secrets between us,
Left out to be narrated, of our amatory tales?

In here the fascinating flowers are blooming,
To weave a veil of moonlight to cover the nakedness
Of the virgin earth, in embrace with the nature,
Do we have any more emotions left out in us
To exchange, at this hour, before I leave you?


Who is in charge?





 Heaven and hell remains on both sides of Time… An ocean.

Which side is heaven?

 Here or on the other side,

Of this unchartered ocean of epoch?..  a riddle!

If humans were created by god,

I have a question

For him to answer me, truthfully!

“Why did you give this island of clay,

In the sea of poignant tears,

To us in the Beginning?

If we were made by the Devil, let me ask him

Only once, a very pertinent information!

“What made you to come to heaven and offer us

A fruit, and tempt us to eat it; to throw us away.

Into this macabre ocean, of woes and grief?”

We know, both of you will keep mute,

Because you never thought, humans

Are that adept, to adapt to this Mother Nature;

And question the purity, of your intentions.

Instead you were making us guinea pigs,

For your amusement, and enjoyment.

And still your mirth continues, with a sinister look.

We toil, starve, weep, grope, curse and perish!

You have also become helpless like us, now…

Let us both look at each other and amuse!

Forlorn memoirs…

Your mind learned lessons of Love;

Does that love, induce an ecstasy in you?

Your mind yearned for the desires to come true.

Are you content now, having attained your dreams?

Your laughter contended with flowers;

You filled me with nectar, from your lips

A thousand rebirths fled away from my soul.

Beads of perspiration on your breast,

Changed into a pearl necklace, for me.

Your love was never blemished with lust;

It was a transcendental euphoria

In the inner temple of the soul;

An evolution of cherished dreams,

Which flowered in our past re-births.


Dreams, still unwilling to fade away are

Broken platters, of the unforgetting mind…

You have become a woeful reminiscence

Bawling in desolation, inside me…





The dream that swooned on a bed

Of flowers, startled;

The breeze caressing my soul

Came riding in a boat of sandalwood,

Gathering the scent of Jasmine from your body.

When I lie down to sleep and then to dream

You always come to me as sweet lullaby.


But what is the meaning of owning anything?

What is the meaning of relationship?

Do I own you? Relationships and dreams

Are vain, empty words – mirages!


In its attempt to embrace the shore

The waves are discarded. Is it wise to

Say that the wind belongs to both?

Do the firmaments own the clouds,

Writhing out and wandering away

From the clasp of the sky above it?

Do the bees arriving to snatch

The nectar, own the marvelous bloom?

Do the winds own the woods?

Do I belong to you?


Do the lips own the honey of smiles appearing there,

And withering away in moments?

Do the eyes own the tear drops oozing out

Of the grief stricken heart?

Do the moored boats own the water?

Do you own me?


Do you own the breath you inhale?