The dream that swooned on a bed

Of flowers, startled;

The breeze caressing my soul

Came riding in a boat of sandalwood,

Gathering the scent of Jasmine from your body.

When I lie down to sleep and then to dream

You always come to me as sweet lullaby.


But what is the meaning of owning anything?

What is the meaning of relationship?

Do I own you? Relationships and dreams

Are vain, empty words – mirages!


In its attempt to embrace the shore

The waves are discarded. Is it wise to

Say that the wind belongs to both?

Do the firmaments own the clouds,

Writhing out and wandering away

From the clasp of the sky above it?

Do the bees arriving to snatch

The nectar, own the marvelous bloom?

Do the winds own the woods?

Do I belong to you?


Do the lips own the honey of smiles appearing there,

And withering away in moments?

Do the eyes own the tear drops oozing out

Of the grief stricken heart?

Do the moored boats own the water?

Do you own me?


Do you own the breath you inhale?


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