Forlorn memoirs…

Your mind learned lessons of Love;

Does that love, induce an ecstasy in you?

Your mind yearned for the desires to come true.

Are you content now, having attained your dreams?

Your laughter contended with flowers;

You filled me with nectar, from your lips

A thousand rebirths fled away from my soul.

Beads of perspiration on your breast,

Changed into a pearl necklace, for me.

Your love was never blemished with lust;

It was a transcendental euphoria

In the inner temple of the soul;

An evolution of cherished dreams,

Which flowered in our past re-births.


Dreams, still unwilling to fade away are

Broken platters, of the unforgetting mind…

You have become a woeful reminiscence

Bawling in desolation, inside me…




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