Mislaid heavens!

Mislaid heavens! You have given me
A throne of plaintive domain, a broken one,
Where groans are whisking from all sides.
The smiling sky with the rainbow of love
Has disintegrated and wandered away from me…

She dried up my tears with her heart-touch
Writing radiant dreams in my eyes;
Thrusting ravishing poesy in my lips,
Transformed as a withered flower under my treads,
In the lonely path, of my poignant sentiments…

Sleep! Shattered dreams, and dissipated desires.
Do not kindle insipid cloying passions any more.
Do not uncork my enthralling philter.
Sleep now; fall down and sleep; efface your memory.
In the cloister of this forlorn life
Mute feelings are effusive, but useless.
Days of blooming laughter and amusement are prologues,
And foreshadows in the journey to desolation!
Don’t cry, my heart! Do not saunter seeking dreams.
For dreams are meaningless; urges and desires
Are only nuances of the self obsessed greed, in the mind!


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