Everywhere a smile…

While tears rained over me

I held an umbrella

Of smiles over my head;

I dived and searched for

Pearls in a sea of anguish;

Just to see the gleeful

Smile of the world around me.

The sun strew the smile of the day

And the moon light is the smile of the night.

The golden waves that hug the shores

Is the simper of the ocean.

And the blossoms show the smile of the good earth;

The weeping clouds smile through the rainbows

Magnificent and flamboyant with its hues.

Grief made it out through poetry;

Silence shows it through sighs and sobs.

I built my play house on the bank of

A stream of tears and toil of forsaken love,

Then made a flute to play, with the bamboo

Of my broken heart in condescension,

To sing a rueful song of my loveā€¦