Predating the commencement of history!
Before the advent of the phenomenon
Of God the Almighty;
The nature and time sang together, the ditty
“Love is a divine rhapsody”.

The first blossoms of love, at those times were among
The movable and immovable; the tangible
And intangible; animate and inanimate
Beings, in the universe.
They sang and we repeated the chorus;
The prime slogan: “Love is immortal.”

The happiness and delight belonged to the early eons.
The zeal, the passion, longing, attachment,
And earnestness stringed together,
Evolved thousands of hours of
Intense intercourse, of confluence.
And they sang again”Eternal is love”.
And we repeat the chorus even now.

Like the fragrance of blossoming spring flowers
Permeating its sweetness, in the atmosphere;
As the rhythms, beats and the tones of a golden
Spring, that drifts in unannounced;
Like the cloying nectar dripping into the loving heart,
A flame of passion, refusing to be extinguished;
The tears flooding from the eyes in
The grief of desolation…..
This love fulfills and is filling up, consummating
All spasmodic desires of the barren mind.


Randy Desires…

The melancholy tune of the sitar
Bemoans in the heart!
As a subtle prelude to the grief,
It enclosed in the thoughts.
You could become my perpetual rhythm
And shadows, again tomorrow;
As radiant as the flame of
A glowing lamp, in the gloom.
The exhilaration of the ecstasy beamed
And gleamed, in her moist eyelids.
Someone is pouring the soothing lustre
Of psychedelic strobe lights, in the soul;
And the moonlight conveyed a message of love.
Come as a melody into my heart
And whisper into my life now!

The rain clouds have awakened
The golden sands of the shores of the mind,
With images of a flower bedecked coach and
The stage for amorous entanglements of
Loving bodies, hitherto unappeased,
Raging as an inferno with lust…

Unable To Define…

What can we call the chants of invocation
Springing out, between two souls….LOVE?

What is the name of that tragic insipid emotion
Evolving inside the heart, at the time when unable
To hear a coveted voice,
You were endeavoring to hear…LOVE?

Can you call it, an undulating adoration?
When the heart is chilled, with thrills and pleasures,
By the sprinkling of a meek bliss,
Through the words you hear at a time,
While you were craving to hear it?

Give an endearing tag, for the infinite sweetness
For the  exultation you enjoy,
When you blot the honey, lurking in the tear drops,
From her eyes, with your lips,
Through, the compassion and love from your mind.

Do not try to define the sublime and winsome emotion,
That makes your reminiscence affable,
With the alluring charisma of a rainbow,
Radiating its luster, in your heart.

Let it dulcify the last moments of your life
With its nectar, held in its embryo, for our after life…

Missing Screenplays!

You forget yourself immersing in
The jubilation and delights, of life,
Which you have attained now by providence;
Fulfilling moments in the plethora of happiness
Resplendent with endearing music, thrilling
And surging, with passion and libido.
Time and seasons has drowned, in a far away
Fountain spring, and an ache, an agony
In the heart, after seeing and sensing
The changes, it has brought into you.

We could not reach and meet each other
Together, to have a life of our own.
Even after many rebirths through seasons.
Life is splendid and sublime where the minds
Are in unison, in every matter in our existence.
Then we long for turning into jewels of dew drops,
And trickle on the petals of blossoms.
We desire to share the warmth of our breasts,
On the bosom of the dew, in silence.
In our aspirations and illusions,
And through our phantasmagoria, we are acting
A play, where the screen play is missing,
And we are allowed to carry on impromptu.


We cannot find God in His heaven, and
As well, could not find Him in this barren
Earth also; missing altogether…
He is now sitting cool in our minds only,
And the greatest present He has given
Sitting there, is the gift of a beautiful
Lamp we call Love, ever radiating
Its magnificence in glory, to all.
Keep that lamp clean, wash it,
Polish it, pour oil in it, and add a wick
And light the golden flame;
Protect it from the hurricane lest it extinguish;
See there is sufficient oil in it, always,
To keep the flame, ever glowing.
Carry it to enlighten others thoughts.
If ever we forget that any time
Time is keeping a vigil to put it out,
Walking along with us, waiting for a chance.
Beware! It is a precious gift of the Almighty.

Forest Flame

The forest flames were full of fiery blooms
Like the wood was set on fire.
The spring has arrived and all around
The nature attained puberty, her cheeks
Reddened and her eyes brightened.
How come your affections, turned to become
A tambourine, emit vibrant music?
Whose thoughts made the elixir for you,
To become, the cloyingness of a romantic poem?

You disappeared from the pathway,
Where the embers of the evening sun was
Glowing, like the lodestar of the evening sky.
How many rains and monsoons came in and retreated,
And scorching summer came and receded?
How many full moons, how many springs,
Went away silently smothering the forlorn life?
I mounted your memories like the idol of
A deity clasped in my chest, grappling them.

In this valley where the Gulmohar blossomed,
Where the stars of flowers flourish in glee,
When can I see the alluring countenance again?
When do I hear the endearing voice again?
I am waiting here, to glance once again
That love smitten smile, enchanting my life.
Are you grinning like a Carnation
Held in the palms of destiny?

A Fallacy

You are a conundrum in the innards of my mind,
Awakened by your passionate kisses.
The riddle is still alive, though abandoned in the
Pastures of yesterday, where we grazed for long.
Along with this burning hours of the day,
My mind also is scorching with my numbing misery.
In the dusky gloom of the horizon above me,
Hides the moon’s smiling face.
While I imagine that you are my everything,
I apprehend I’ve nothing of my own to hold.
In every life there is a groaning heart
And every smile holds some hidden anguish.
I can see your mind without seeing you;
I saw your face through my despair and distress.
Tell me in which funeral pyre, I should sacrifice
My heart as an offering to appease you…

The words you whispered into my ears
Reach me as soft ripples in the sea, even
When I shut my eyes willfully, cloistering from
The rest of the world, to forget everything.

Though I know that those words were meaningless
And empty, still a world emerge like the treasure chest
At the end of a rainbow, under the roof of my mind;
From the subdued fervent hope, that my belief
And certainty could be fallible, and you will be mine
Eternally, through the end of the world….