A Fallacy

You are a conundrum in the innards of my mind,
Awakened by your passionate kisses.
The riddle is still alive, though abandoned in the
Pastures of yesterday, where we grazed for long.
Along with this burning hours of the day,
My mind also is scorching with my numbing misery.
In the dusky gloom of the horizon above me,
Hides the moon’s smiling face.
While I imagine that you are my everything,
I apprehend I’ve nothing of my own to hold.
In every life there is a groaning heart
And every smile holds some hidden anguish.
I can see your mind without seeing you;
I saw your face through my despair and distress.
Tell me in which funeral pyre, I should sacrifice
My heart as an offering to appease you…

The words you whispered into my ears
Reach me as soft ripples in the sea, even
When I shut my eyes willfully, cloistering from
The rest of the world, to forget everything.

Though I know that those words were meaningless
And empty, still a world emerge like the treasure chest
At the end of a rainbow, under the roof of my mind;
From the subdued fervent hope, that my belief
And certainty could be fallible, and you will be mine
Eternally, through the end of the world….


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