Lone Moments

Lone Moments…

The acquiescent delight in the heart meekly exhaled,
Is seeking you, as the stream, for the ocean;
Like the brook hugging the sandbank, meander
By kissing the shores, then swells into a river
In its thrust to reach the Ocean, finally
Become roaring waves, accosting you.
My dearest, I tender my veneration as tears…
My homage brimming from the heart as droplets
Of my blood, deliquescent with my love!
Tears, as flowers of spasm, of my pain.
From the forsaken life you have gifted me…
And sighs of the bleeding heart, in anguish.

I remember the day, when you came to me
With your amiable smirk, and entered
The depth of my soul, with a big bang.
Reminiscing those moments, I lie down,
Whimpering in solitude, on my bed.
Words stutter in the breast, eyes wandering
In the horizon, illegible mutterings;
Quivering lips, groans soaked in tender love;
Fizzy desires, flash floods in the eyes shedding
Remorseful rhapsodies, moments closing the eyelids;
Wavering emotions, asinine thoughts;
Pearls of sweat, sprouting on the fainting frame,
Embracing grief; rare moments of sweet tears of the psyche;

Rapture filled showers of raindrops
Causing magnificent rainbows in sentiments;
Passions immersing in wingless consciousness;
Radiant countenance filling with love from
The shredded leaves of memory, of life are throbbing;
Out flowing strains of pleasure from the flourishing love
Of the mind, inside a world of dreams,
Are fading away with the immobile ecstasy in memory…..


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