We cannot find God in His heaven, and
As well, could not find Him in this barren
Earth also; missing altogether…
He is now sitting cool in our minds only,
And the greatest present He has given
Sitting there, is the gift of a beautiful
Lamp we call Love, ever radiating
Its magnificence in glory, to all.
Keep that lamp clean, wash it,
Polish it, pour oil in it, and add a wick
And light the golden flame;
Protect it from the hurricane lest it extinguish;
See there is sufficient oil in it, always,
To keep the flame, ever glowing.
Carry it to enlighten others thoughts.
If ever we forget that any time
Time is keeping a vigil to put it out,
Walking along with us, waiting for a chance.
Beware! It is a precious gift of the Almighty.


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