Unable To Define…

What can we call the chants of invocation
Springing out, between two souls….LOVE?

What is the name of that tragic insipid emotion
Evolving inside the heart, at the time when unable
To hear a coveted voice,
You were endeavoring to hear…LOVE?

Can you call it, an undulating adoration?
When the heart is chilled, with thrills and pleasures,
By the sprinkling of a meek bliss,
Through the words you hear at a time,
While you were craving to hear it?

Give an endearing tag, for the infinite sweetness
For the  exultation you enjoy,
When you blot the honey, lurking in the tear drops,
From her eyes, with your lips,
Through, the compassion and love from your mind.

Do not try to define the sublime and winsome emotion,
That makes your reminiscence affable,
With the alluring charisma of a rainbow,
Radiating its luster, in your heart.

Let it dulcify the last moments of your life
With its nectar, held in its embryo, for our after life…


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