Time Stannds As Sentinels…

Grandpa used to wear a loin cloth like a ‘G’ string

Around his waist, hiding only his ‘very’ private parts.

It was Pa’s turn to start wearing a ‘dhoti’, over such

A ‘G’ string, since he wanted to cover his thighs also,

For modesty and etiquettes, being a social animal.

I changed into wearing a ‘double’ dhoti smoother,

And flimsier, by the standard of snobs among us;

Leaving the upper limbs naked, and appealing.

My son took to wearing pants to change it.

Then my grandson cut its length and made

A shorter version and called it ‘Bermuda”.

[A British Overseas Territory, where they    *

Approve it as an official dress and worn by

The Army as appropriate uniform in tropics.]

May be his son will wear only an underwear or ‘brief’;

And his grandson may even refuse to wear anything

As attire, and go stark naked, all the way; all the time.

History repeats and resurrects itself, and time stands still.

Only life and costumes change its courses…

*     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bermuda_shorts


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