My cherub, I know you as a sodden recollection
Writhing in pain, in the realm of my thoughts;
Seeking you as the sweet dripping nectar.
Cherished in the mind, through decades…
As melliferous memorabilia, treasured in the
Chest of my thoughts, like dew kissed blooms
Of the forsaken soul; as the river of my feelings,
Influxing in the tide with fizzy ripples,
Your remembrance is infusing an unsullied
Fragrance, in the air around me, fills my soul…
I know you, as a charisma of my gloomy days,
A stumbling rhythm lurking, in my chest,
A tremulous music, in my vagrant emotions.
Teardrops oozing, out of my wet eyelids,
Vibrant and vivid dreams of munificent compassion…

You came, opened the latched door, sat beside me.
A bewitching and alluring smile
Skulking on your angelic lips;
Carrying a translucent chill into my being,
Pouring, the nectar of allurement into my soul.
Let me inebriate and exhilarate in the sweetness
Of the dream, your thoughts have perpetuated in me.