You rang me up on that day, but

I did not answer; yet I know

It was your call; I heard you whisper

My name, in your heart.

I heard what all you had there

Though, you failed to tell me those words.

I did not touch your hand.

Yet, my fingers were wiping

Those tears laden eyelids.

I did not kiss your cheeks

Yet my lips were blotting from your

Sweet face, the dampness.

I did not call your name.

I did not wipe your tears.

Yet, in my dream, I was with you.

I saw you laughing, amid those tears

I heard you cracking jokes amid your sobs

I kept your head on my shoulders

I tried to calm you patting your back.

The scorching memories of yester years

Turned you into a weeping willow

In the incessant rain; and you

Waiting for the clouds to roll by

And the sunshine, to dry you up.

You wanted to tell me your woes,

Unforgotten plea and complaints

I heard them all, and believed them

It related to your past life!

I tried to smother it with the balm of my love

Yet, you deflected it with your derision and whims.


I don’t know how to fortify your fortitude.

I don’t know how to regain your tranquility.

I don’t know how to splatter a smile in you,

And a rainbow, in your woeful mind.


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