While blossoms of roses profusely embraced
The golden fleece of the descending sun in
The twilight, imbibing the ruddy champagne,
From the chalice of the flamboyant evening,
It swooned off into a deep slumber.

And then, like the soft petals cascading on the
Virescent carpet of velvety grass, the rivulets
Of ambrosia suffused from your melodies of love…

Like dew drops as pearls of golden dreams
Plummeting into the hushed
Silence of the desolate night, over
Waters of the pond in slumber,
The soft aria of your music drizzled into
My rueful soul strewn with consternation…

As tired eyelids wearied by deep sleep,
Falls on tired eyelids in silent softness,
The ravishing tone of the music is
Caressing the spirit, and I am diffusing
In the ethereal sweetness of the inveigling song…

The ripples in the milky lake are murmuring in glee;
The specks of the moon dust is sprinkled around
Fragrance of  ‘champa’ blossoms pervades in the air;
Quaint beauty dance on the floor of amber dreams.
The sweetness of the silent night hovering over
On the wings of your music, sinks into my soul,
And I am in a delectable trance… ineffable.

While the undulating resonance of your music drifts
Towards me, empyrean bliss sprouts in the psyche.
If your songs are this prolific, how bounteous
Will be your spontaneous sweet penchant!



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