“Why are you teasing me before

I finish narrating to you, my maidens?”


“When it was dusk, didn’t you takeover

The splendour of the sky into your countenance,

Thinking of a sensual, sleepless night?”


“Didn’t the bangles, dingle like bells peeling,

At midnight, when you blew off the small lamp,

In the flower bedecked chamber, before sleeping?”


“Didn’t a rainbow glisten on your timid cheeks,

When the door of the bedchamber was closed?”


“Didn’t you reprimand and censure the rooster,

When it crowed early in the morning?”


“Come on my friends, this time is precious.

We can not afford to waste it, with our empty words.

This is a delightful time, fragrant with sweet passions,

Of an ever remembered, night of honeymoon.

The spring has arrived, can’t you just hear

The impassioned moments, calling you?”


“I know, if I keep tight lipped, you will make me

Tell you everything that happened, with me;

And once I tell you, you will start taunting me!

Impossible to spend my hours with you like this,

I am baffled and fed up, my dearest friends.”…


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