Infatuations of birth……







You have taken my birth

And me yours…so the Providence decreed…


Infatuations filled our birth

And we shared the nectar of our love

You became my daughter and my son

My hands became a cradle for you

And sang a lullaby for you to sleep…..


I will adorn your lips, and brows

And your cheeks and nape with

Very warm kisses draped with my love.

I will watch your pranks and naughty smiles

You, my beloved, sleep close to my bosom.


In this chamber, along the walkway

I will hold your soft fingers in my hand,

And follow you like a shadow

Shower you with kisses all along.


Like the dewdrop lingering on rose petal

I see you nestle at my side

My spirit is enthralled by this sleeping angel

.Do not disturb her in her siesta

Lest, my dreams vanish in the void….


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