On the shores of a dream…





Do you know when you came?

Riding in the chariot of a dream

In the early hours of the dawn,

While the sun was amusing in his nuptial bower.


As an incomparable piece of music

Like the long remembered overture of a melody

Like a tiny drop of tear hanging on the eye lids

Like the touch of a feather, smothering your love,

Like the silver lining on a ghostly cloud

Like the ravishing tinge of the rainbow

Like the nectar flowing out of flute,

Like the golden moments of a precious dream

Presenting my soul with eternal joy

Like the splendor lurking in the evening sky

Bidding ‘Adieus’, whispering to the sun

To stay embracing her for a little more time

‘I have to keep vigil to see you again, and

Gather in the east in the early dawn;

Like the tender grass peeping out on the forehead

Of the sodden earth, after the first rain

And the sweet passionate smile on its face

When they hustle in its pleasure.

Like the innumerous daughters of the gods

The stars-with their eyelids ajar

In their coyness before the full moon on a wintry night;

Like the golden swans fluttering its wings

In its ecstasy, walking on the shores of love in unison;

Like the sweet freshness carried to the mind

By watching the helpless raindrops dripping

Half reluctantly from the palm fronted roof

Of my humble dwelling…………..I beg you..

Filling my heart with the strings of these

Vistas, do not fade out of this radiant dream!


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