As the life of human beings, we see around the world

The gold fish is outside its bowl, , which is its abode,

And the pussy cat, roaming around for its prey.


Man and woman are juxtaposed

One in the bowl and the other waiting

For a chance, to devour it..

Everywhere it is the same;

In religion, politics, matrimony,

Friendship, affection and even in games

The round plug wants a square hole or

The square plug wants a round hole..

Without compromise, without reprieve,

Unhappy lives, intolerant and incoherent

Beauty and beast or beast and beauty

In awkward states, life’s idiosyncrasies!.


Diametrically opposed to each other in

Manners, behavior and styles, thoughts and feelings;

For survival, gasp for breath outside the bowl;

And drowning in sorrows, inside it.

A pathetic human story of strife

Of heartburns, woes, and suffering.

Anything or anyone not in their natural abode

Become misfits and make life miserable.

Co-existence pose problem and along that

Peace and harmony will vanish.

Keep them where they belong to;

Let the gold fish remain in its bowl

And the kitten, lick its lips and mooch around.








A drop of nectar. the dewdrop

That seeketh  the feathers of a glow worm…

Similtudes one after another throng the mind        

 breeze, for touching you with my fingers…                                         

Like love locks rollicking in the soft breeze

In bashful ecstasy; your coquetry laughter peeling like

The chinkling of a hundred bells, mellifluously.

Peacocks in pavane on your cheeks of  damask rose;

Even the crescent moon will bow its head in  defeat

Before the transcendent apparition.

While the candied dreams blooms in the doe eyes

And the earth and heaven swoons in that illusion.

When the softest draft embraces the vales,

And the ripples of the blue lagoon reflects the hues

Of the sky in the placid water, fronted with lotus leaves.

Then the blossoms of your angelic smiles accost me

And you arrive in the sandal showering  night

On a palanquin  with the cupid’s arrows in your quiver,

To shoot into my heart, always hitting the bull’s eye.Image




I want you to sing that melody for me.

In the twilight, when the moon starts

Wandering among the clouds, flying with black wings,

Like a gypsy, without any direction. and

To smother kisses on the tender lips;

To adorn flowers, sweet scented on your hair;

To fondle the eyelids, where shadows of

Your ill-will lingers, and to talk sweetly;

And inebriate with the joy and ecstasy

You feel in your heart, when we are together.


There is something enchanting, and

Soothing the spirit, in these moments.

Something divine in this music, I hear!

Taking me away into the realm of time and space,

Above, this forlorn and despicable earth.

In the flowery lamp of your eyes

I will set my love as the flame.


I feel your eyes telling me something;

I feel like keeping on looking at them;

I feel my heart is beating rapidly now;

Speechless I am, what is happening to me?

Is this love, we talk about very often?

Beloved! My eyelashes are drenched by my heart,

And is becoming the plume of the peacock on your forehead.

It is longing for the touch of your fingers.

For an embrace,  for  a kiss of affection!

In the  night when I caress your chest

Like a fragrant garland of flowers,

I sense a tragic overture of a pitch in your song.

When you sing for me…



On the day I met you
I realized the meaning of love,
and its ensuing agony.

From the day we saw each other
I understood the rapture in my soul
And the hunger of my desires, along with
The enormity of my passions.

All that feelings are now shrouded
Under the sweetest thorn of my memoirs
I am smoldering, every moment
Baked in these torrential thoughts.

My dreams are fading away in the
Wild tears, springing from my spirit;
The distorted notes of a broken violin,
A lonely tree without its leaves in the autumn,
The scorched earth under the summer sun, and
A shriveled lotus, of a drained pond.

In the broken wings of my dreams
In the wilted petals of flowers of my mind
In the shadows of my despair
Can’t you bring some life, kindling
My emotions with a mystic spell?