On the day I met you
I realized the meaning of love,
and its ensuing agony.

From the day we saw each other
I understood the rapture in my soul
And the hunger of my desires, along with
The enormity of my passions.

All that feelings are now shrouded
Under the sweetest thorn of my memoirs
I am smoldering, every moment
Baked in these torrential thoughts.

My dreams are fading away in the
Wild tears, springing from my spirit;
The distorted notes of a broken violin,
A lonely tree without its leaves in the autumn,
The scorched earth under the summer sun, and
A shriveled lotus, of a drained pond.

In the broken wings of my dreams
In the wilted petals of flowers of my mind
In the shadows of my despair
Can’t you bring some life, kindling
My emotions with a mystic spell?


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