As the life of human beings, we see around the world

The gold fish is outside its bowl, , which is its abode,

And the pussy cat, roaming around for its prey.


Man and woman are juxtaposed

One in the bowl and the other waiting

For a chance, to devour it..

Everywhere it is the same;

In religion, politics, matrimony,

Friendship, affection and even in games

The round plug wants a square hole or

The square plug wants a round hole..

Without compromise, without reprieve,

Unhappy lives, intolerant and incoherent

Beauty and beast or beast and beauty

In awkward states, life’s idiosyncrasies!.


Diametrically opposed to each other in

Manners, behavior and styles, thoughts and feelings;

For survival, gasp for breath outside the bowl;

And drowning in sorrows, inside it.

A pathetic human story of strife

Of heartburns, woes, and suffering.

Anything or anyone not in their natural abode

Become misfits and make life miserable.

Co-existence pose problem and along that

Peace and harmony will vanish.

Keep them where they belong to;

Let the gold fish remain in its bowl

And the kitten, lick its lips and mooch around.




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