The melancholy tune of the sitar

Bemoans in the heart!

As a subtle prelude of the grief,

It enclosed the thoughts.

You could become my perpetual rhythm

And shadows, again tomorrow;

As radiant as the flame of

A glowing lamp, in the gloom.

The exhilaration of the ecstasy beamed

And gleamed, in her moist eyelids.

Someone is pouring the soothing lustre

Of psychedelic strobe lights, in the soul;

And the moonlight conveyed a message of love.

Come as a melody into my heart

And whisper into my life now!


The rain clouds have awakened

The golden sands of the shores of the mind,

With images of a flower bedecked coach and

The stage for amorous entanglements of

Loving bodies, hitherto unappeased,

Raging as an inferno with lust…


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