Pathways created by the cruel destiny;

Souls bidding farewell on its sojourn;

Scorching desires of the heart;

Anguish spreading out  everywhere….

Silence grows up watching this scenario;

Life stream floods over embankment;

Distressing in the eddies in its effort to succumb.

Flowers wither and scatter in the breeze;

Days are diffusing in suppressed sobs;

And fall out in the depth of misery and despair.

Life prolongs indifferently and unconsciously.

Dawn will break up one day, carrying

The fragrance of a dream in the wind

Desires will flutter with a thousand wings

The Night Queens will bloom in the forlorn gloom,

And its sweet scent will permeate in the air.

Won’t you come back as the moonlight that gloom?





The world outside looks so big to me

I’m only eight weeks old you see

I belong to this beautiful mom who loves me.

I curl under  her long big ear as she sleeps

Her hand holds onto my paw as I watch her sleep

Golden curls that bounce as she walks

A smile that lights up when she talks.

If I look sad it’s because I am now

I’m feeling worried.

She loves me loads

I know she does, she wouldn’t go and leave me

My mom cried, when I said goodbye, but

I was a brave little kitten

I know one day God will send my mom

But today I know, I am in her safe hands.

Mother is only one

She is every where for every one

Only the appearance of mother maybe changed..

But her color of mother hood remains the same.

O’ oh here she is running down the path,

She’s looking straight at me

OOPS! mind the pot on the window sill

Don’t want to knock that off

One jump, and I’m heading for the door

As I hear her footsteps

She does love me, I knew she did, but

I had my doubts to be sure.

How warm it feels in her loving arms

As she makes a fuss of me

My mom would be so happy

If she could see me now

I was the last one to leave her you see,

No one wanted me

Now I’m here with all the love

A little cat could ever see.



Some one attempting to play a sad note

On the earthen dulcimer of the mind;

A note and rhythm of tears, dripping from

The icicles of solidified grief;

With insipid energy, and whimpering spirit

Like an evening that is spent;

And bidding farewell with chaotic attrition

In the innards of synergic debacle.

Even the regaling moonlight and

Starry sky has become scorching

Summer that scald the prurient passions

Sheltering inside the soul, in a cloister.

The splendorous spring has dwindled into

A spasmodic, saddening winter.

And your sodden heart, a picture

With the ornate glass, broken in splinters.

You have become a singing bird

Wounded, and flying in the darkness.

On the streets of rainbows, awakens

The tumult and maelstrom of the sky.

On the unknown nameless road

Someone is wandering with agony,

Melancholy painted across the face.

Affliction gathering teardrops, overwhelming

In the heart, hiding among the eyelashes as

Condensed atonement , of tribulations.

Effigies of shadows like puppets

Are awaiting for something to happen..

Borrowed births recreated from previous births.

Ogling as the rain clouds with a throbbing heart alone

Amidst the whistle of cold wind

Attempting to sing a dirge in despair..

The treads diffusing into echoes

Linger in the cold air as they fade out…




Would your two luminous eyes ever fill wIth tear drops?

And your silent gasps will become decisive life source?

And those clouded memories that fell into the darkness

Become the vital source of your being alive?

My silence…. my silence….

I have become the bright full moon of your sleeping nights,

Giving my spirit, pledging it for you, I stood as a sentry.


Did you wake up when I caressed you in the morning light?

You have risen into my mind as a golden feather in my dreams.

Would my mind ever become sluggish?

And remain in the path of life without any swing.

Have the teardrops now kissed your cheeks?


My soul is yearning for you at this moment….





What the winter has done to the blossoms of the fields
I have done to you.
What the Autumn has done to the blooming gardens
You have done to me.
I caressed you the way
The lands sought the streams
You embraced me
As the ripples have embraced the the banks.
My endeared, the love we have
Are we lovers or corals?

May be the Lotus have opened
Their eyes before I have seen you.
May be the moon has arisen before,
I started talking to you.
I never knew anything,
Till you have fulfilled in me.
My thoughts are the Lotus pond
And  my dreams are the milky way of the moon.
What kind of love is this my beloved?
Me the honied moon and you the Lotus pond?

May be the flowers started blooming
Before I knew you.
May be the doves  have been flying in the sky
Before you diffused in me.
I knew nothing till I first met you.
When did the  flowers bloom in me,
And the doves commenced  crooning in me?
What is this love, my precious
Are we the blossoms or the white doves?

I have seen in my dreams those lovely dales,
Those dreamy vineyards
Those chavok trees on the hills,
The tiny springs which forms the  stream
The roses that clad the slumbering hills
as blankets
The soul of the pink sun kissing the lovely mounts…
What kind of love is this, my beloved?
Are you the mounts and me the kissing sun?

Whatever I have sung all this time
Was about you and around you.
Whatever I was seeking
Were the paths you strided on.
Till this moment  there was no moonlight for the day.
From now onwards each evening will be
Resplendent with the love of the sun
And the moon merging together.
What kind of love we have beloved?
Are we now a pair of swans
swimming in the pond of love?

We are the birds chirping
In the nest of a tree somewhere.
We are the  blue blossoms on the hillside
Let the tree, its branches
And the nest  remain perpetually
Let us not shrivel away the blue flowers.
What is this love, my beloved;
Are we the blossoms and the birds?

No forests, no deserts
In the land I wake you up, there is no roof;
The floor is not paved
Where I am making you sleep,
I am there, with enough of my retrospections
There is rain underneath the sky you are
With the flowery rainbow,and the stars to keep company.
What is this love my beloved?
Are we the stars that fell in the earth?

I have seen the depth of the sea
And its bluish tinge in your look.
I heard in your words the ocean
Of love and tenderness.
I sang in an unknown language
In a tune we have never heard.
I drew unseen pictures
In colours that bears no name.
What is this love my beloved?
Are we those pictures we painted?

My love for you is the yearnings
for me to live more
And your loving me is the inner truth of  my life
While I wait for your coming,
My shadow will always accompany me too.
May be our shadows were also lovers as we are
What is this my beloved?
Are we dragonflies of love?.

Did those hilly ranges hear our talk about love?
Did anyone in this garden see our sharing of love?
Let the hilly ranges of this area be deaf without ears.
And those earthen lamps blind and without eyes.
What is this, my beloved
Are we those bowers which never tasted the summer?…

You have taught me to remember only you
You taught me drawing near to you and love you much.
Are not you  the distance separating the strand and the horizon
Are not you the depth of the sea in a conch of the ocean.
What is this my darling,
The oyster in me has rendered a white pearl?

The flowers and  butter turned like petals
In us and blossomed as love.
Like the nectar dripping from petals
It sweetened our relation of love.
The love in us has till now dispersed its fragrance
We are the floret and should never wither
What is this my beloved,
Are we eternal lovers in this earth?



A drop of love, if you can just give me

I will give it back to you as a torrential rain..

You turn into a little shade and fill me in,

And I will nurture it and make it a seductive

Jungle and keep it for me eternally.

You pick up a handful of flowers and hand it over to me

I can make an interminable spring out of that.

You pour out a drop of sweetness on my tongue

And I can repay it, as a sea of nectar back to you.

Guide me as a little lodestar in front of me

So that I can enlighten the world,

And dazzle it with its resplendence.

Fill me in the corner of your eye

I will spread into you as a honey-comb and thrive.

Give me a little kiss on my cheek

I can substitute it with a radiant night throughout.

Compose a new rhythmus music for me

I will make it a soothing flow of overtures.

Give me resurgence with the tip of your finger

I can give to you the assuagement throughout your life span.