A drop of love, if you can just give me

I will give it back to you as a torrential rain..

You turn into a little shade and fill me in,

And I will nurture it and make it a seductive

Jungle and keep it for me eternally.

You pick up a handful of flowers and hand it over to me

I can make an interminable spring out of that.

You pour out a drop of sweetness on my tongue

And I can repay it, as a sea of nectar back to you.

Guide me as a little lodestar in front of me

So that I can enlighten the world,

And dazzle it with its resplendence.

Fill me in the corner of your eye

I will spread into you as a honey-comb and thrive.

Give me a little kiss on my cheek

I can substitute it with a radiant night throughout.

Compose a new rhythmus music for me

I will make it a soothing flow of overtures.

Give me resurgence with the tip of your finger

I can give to you the assuagement throughout your life span.


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