awaingIn a desolate and forlorn night

Amidst the strange fantasy of a dream

You became a desire and obsession in me.

I have become a moon stone, liquefying and,

Dissolving in your moon light, and in your life;

A chilling stream on a winter day;

A goblet brimming with sweet champagne,

Being filled by unknown and unseen hands.

You reached me and you filled my soul;

You sprouted as an oasis, in the wilderness

Where the cruel sun scattered

Embers of stones, all around my treads.


Why did you arose again, as a melody in my dreams,

In the lute of my heart?

This worthless birth can not do anything now

But, only just bless you to live a fulfilling life.

Dreams which refuse to die in memories

Which we dreamt together have now

Become smithereens of a gorgeous painting.

You are becoming a poignant recollection

In me, invoking stifling sobs and sighs

Within me, stricken with utter grief.








That evening, when I bid farewell to you,

I could discern the love ablaze in your eyes;

Crying with its mute twinge of the soul, flowing out

As tear drops through the corners of your eyes.

However you tried in vain, to contain those tears,

The stream of intense passion came out

As a cascade of nectar, breaking its waves

Flailing in my heart, with its torrent of despair.

My pulsating lips, stole the honey drops from

The trembling eyelids, while the moans

Of sobbing grief, you rubbed into my chest,

As blossoms, of kisses, incessantly…


In that gloaming, while remaining in the cloister of your

Unfulfilled aspirations, erupted rue sodden sighs…

Playfully we laughed, amused in mirth, wrangled in love,

Teased each other, hugged later, and embraced to become

One, in the emerging dreams of our excitement,

In the moonlight of our tingle, we smothered

And savored, the cloying lasciviousness, of our heart.


In the furnace, of this mid-summer night, solitude

Brings the vacillating memories, of that night, into me.

Like a green canopy over my head, chilling, and. filling sweetness.

I melt in that rapture, and then again search your moistened eyes.

Do not cry my love! Never fill those eyes with your sniveling.

The aches in your heart by the absence

Will soon end; I am on my way to your presence….






There are some affinities in this earth
That purports only to break up and melt away.
There are some dreams in the heart
That ends up only in bargains and evaluation.
When two persons come closer,
And the relation breaks up and part away, in tears,
The petals in the soul, then drench in
The tears of dismal grief and anguish.
We attempt to forget many things
Without reservation and keep some
Frontiers in the mind, to get away from it.
Are we cherishing those memories
Of a bygone era, with its sweet savor subtleties
Carrying teardrops in the heart for long?
Is everything dwindling out into oblivion
And kept only in the annals of the memory?
Recollections, like a tide of silent empathy
Becomes a disposition of the soul, in parting.
The ravishing tunes emitted by the dulcimer
Is now becoming the rhythm, of life’s music.
Is it diffused in the shadows now?
The blossoms wilted and withered in the path….




You have made me immortal with your love.

This frail creature is filled with joy again.

And again and you fill my heart with life.

You carry your smile and breath,

Your melodies eternally new.

At the immortal touch of your fingers

My little heart loses its limit in ecstasy

And give birth to ineffable whispers.

That infinite gift of your love, come to me only

Eons pass and still you pour it

And there is still room to fill it.

When you command me to talk

It seems my heart would break with pride;

And I look to your face in my mind

And tears come to my eyes.

With awe in my feelings.

I stumble with my words and

Am not sure, if it conveys any meaning to you.

All that is harsh and discordant melts away

Life becomes a sweet harmony and my

Love spread wings and flutters with joy.

I know that only I can make you

Comfortable in your life.

Drunk with the joy of talking to you

I forget myself and call you again and again.

The heart yearns for communion.


I know not why you are silent

And amaze in your silence.

Your voice illumines my life.

The life breath of your voice

Runs from ages to ages, and breaks away

All barriers of my existence.

My heart longs to hear your voice

And I cry out baffled.

You have made me captive

By the infinite love, you gave me, my love!

Life of my life, I shall ever strive

To keep my thoughts pure,

Knowing that your heart touch is

Upon all my senses.

I shall ever try to keep off the thoughts

Of all vixens, knowing that you are the only

One for me, who has kindled

The light, of my soul.

You occupy the throne in the innermost

Shrine, of my heart.

And it shall be my endeavor to reveal

Your love, in my thoughts and feelings.

Knowing, it guides me through my lonely path.

(To be continued)

KUNJUBI   ( Snehanjaly)







If dreams were meaningful and real,

We could have owned the superb heaven!

If our desires could grow wings of their own,

The whole world will be ours to own


We were butterflies hovering in the horizon

When we met together and understood each other.

The earth and heaven went into a delirium

Of rapture, realizing the bond it brought about.


We are laps of ripples, singing in rhythm

All the octaves of notes, and music.

When I called you in my stupor from yonder,

And when you answered me meekly,

The heaven and earth went in a spree

Spinning in ecstasy, overjoyed;

The whole nature sang in glee;

The spring dawned around us and danced;

The flowers uttered cries of joy;

And we forgot ourselves as though we

Never existed, but as one .






Is there anyone who could refuse to

Reminisce their childhood and adolescence?

Is there any one who will never covet to graze

Through their past in their episodes of love,

And remember the heart throbs of beloveds?.

Any one who will hesitate to sing a melody of love;

As they see the placid brooks and the tearful dreams,

They saved in their hearts of those sunny moments?

Any one live in this earth who would not cherish

The realms of their youthful days… ?


My heart yearns to traverse through

Those good old days, and revel in those memories.

Is there anyone living in this earth who does not

Covet to immerse in those fond memories of those

Vibrant youthful days when life was fragrant

With love in the heart and the beloved was so close.

I will submit even my whole remnant birth

If I can recapture those sunny days back to me….

The soft shade of the old mango tree;

The corridors of my family house

Where all the household spent their

Life together in spree and unity;

Where honeydew drips from the tip of

The grass leaf in the early dawn,

And we drip them into our eyes to feel

The rapturous delight of the early morning chill.

Where at the banks of the running brooks

The toads crock courting their beloveds…

The fleeting rain embracing us in love and mirth,

And the shouts of joy while running after

An improvised paper ball in the rain..

When in the morning we imitate the cries

Of the *chakoram [Caccabis} from its bamboo nest;

And we turn to become Ace drivers of racing cars

Wheeling the old cycle rims through narrow alleys of the village…

And throw stones in the temple tank where the Water Lilly

Sways among the ripples in the morning thrill…

Watch half naked young girls sinking and

Bathing in the muddy waters of the river, after a rain;

Run after an elephant and beg the mahout to give us

A hair from the elephant’s tail.. And…. And…

Writing the first love letter with three words “I LOVE YOU’

To be given to the most beautiful girl in the class;

And the aftermath of such an insolence

Of a VII Standard boy reported to the class teacher…

The bitter pain felt when detached from home and mother

When leaving for the city to study and join the college hostel..

Could all these golden moments ever come back

Into our life any time, any day…….?






Mind is a mysterious cage

A playhouse for illusions and vanity

Many desires, in one moment

And the splendor of laughter turns

In another moment to grief stricken

Tears… welling in the eyelids.


The shores swoon in ecstasy,

With every waves, enrapturing it.

And when it returns, a pyre burns

Inside the amiable bosom.


Search the bloom inside a bush and

The finger is bruised with a thorn.

When life’s music surges onward

Grief imparts its tragic pitch

To a discordant melody.

Like shadows cast by the burning candle

Glamour of life, cast futility in its wake.

Dreams bring vivid grandeur to life

Though fleeting, ephemeral, evanescent

Yet gives a semblance with reality

Of coveted afflictions of the mind

Of Love, of beloved and of harmony…