Mind is a mysterious cage

A playhouse for illusions and vanity

Many desires, in one moment

And the splendor of laughter turns

In another moment to grief stricken

Tears… welling in the eyelids.


The shores swoon in ecstasy,

With every waves, enrapturing it.

And when it returns, a pyre burns

Inside the amiable bosom.


Search the bloom inside a bush and

The finger is bruised with a thorn.

When life’s music surges onward

Grief imparts its tragic pitch

To a discordant melody.

Like shadows cast by the burning candle

Glamour of life, cast futility in its wake.

Dreams bring vivid grandeur to life

Though fleeting, ephemeral, evanescent

Yet gives a semblance with reality

Of coveted afflictions of the mind

Of Love, of beloved and of harmony…


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