Is there anyone who could refuse to

Reminisce their childhood and adolescence?

Is there any one who will never covet to graze

Through their past in their episodes of love,

And remember the heart throbs of beloveds?.

Any one who will hesitate to sing a melody of love;

As they see the placid brooks and the tearful dreams,

They saved in their hearts of those sunny moments?

Any one live in this earth who would not cherish

The realms of their youthful days… ?


My heart yearns to traverse through

Those good old days, and revel in those memories.

Is there anyone living in this earth who does not

Covet to immerse in those fond memories of those

Vibrant youthful days when life was fragrant

With love in the heart and the beloved was so close.

I will submit even my whole remnant birth

If I can recapture those sunny days back to me….

The soft shade of the old mango tree;

The corridors of my family house

Where all the household spent their

Life together in spree and unity;

Where honeydew drips from the tip of

The grass leaf in the early dawn,

And we drip them into our eyes to feel

The rapturous delight of the early morning chill.

Where at the banks of the running brooks

The toads crock courting their beloveds…

The fleeting rain embracing us in love and mirth,

And the shouts of joy while running after

An improvised paper ball in the rain..

When in the morning we imitate the cries

Of the *chakoram [Caccabis} from its bamboo nest;

And we turn to become Ace drivers of racing cars

Wheeling the old cycle rims through narrow alleys of the village…

And throw stones in the temple tank where the Water Lilly

Sways among the ripples in the morning thrill…

Watch half naked young girls sinking and

Bathing in the muddy waters of the river, after a rain;

Run after an elephant and beg the mahout to give us

A hair from the elephant’s tail.. And…. And…

Writing the first love letter with three words “I LOVE YOU’

To be given to the most beautiful girl in the class;

And the aftermath of such an insolence

Of a VII Standard boy reported to the class teacher…

The bitter pain felt when detached from home and mother

When leaving for the city to study and join the college hostel..

Could all these golden moments ever come back

Into our life any time, any day…….?



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