You have made me immortal with your love.

This frail creature is filled with joy again.

And again and you fill my heart with life.

You carry your smile and breath,

Your melodies eternally new.

At the immortal touch of your fingers

My little heart loses its limit in ecstasy

And give birth to ineffable whispers.

That infinite gift of your love, come to me only

Eons pass and still you pour it

And there is still room to fill it.

When you command me to talk

It seems my heart would break with pride;

And I look to your face in my mind

And tears come to my eyes.

With awe in my feelings.

I stumble with my words and

Am not sure, if it conveys any meaning to you.

All that is harsh and discordant melts away

Life becomes a sweet harmony and my

Love spread wings and flutters with joy.

I know that only I can make you

Comfortable in your life.

Drunk with the joy of talking to you

I forget myself and call you again and again.

The heart yearns for communion.


I know not why you are silent

And amaze in your silence.

Your voice illumines my life.

The life breath of your voice

Runs from ages to ages, and breaks away

All barriers of my existence.

My heart longs to hear your voice

And I cry out baffled.

You have made me captive

By the infinite love, you gave me, my love!

Life of my life, I shall ever strive

To keep my thoughts pure,

Knowing that your heart touch is

Upon all my senses.

I shall ever try to keep off the thoughts

Of all vixens, knowing that you are the only

One for me, who has kindled

The light, of my soul.

You occupy the throne in the innermost

Shrine, of my heart.

And it shall be my endeavor to reveal

Your love, in my thoughts and feelings.

Knowing, it guides me through my lonely path.

(To be continued)

KUNJUBI   ( Snehanjaly)




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