awaingIn a desolate and forlorn night

Amidst the strange fantasy of a dream

You became a desire and obsession in me.

I have become a moon stone, liquefying and,

Dissolving in your moon light, and in your life;

A chilling stream on a winter day;

A goblet brimming with sweet champagne,

Being filled by unknown and unseen hands.

You reached me and you filled my soul;

You sprouted as an oasis, in the wilderness

Where the cruel sun scattered

Embers of stones, all around my treads.


Why did you arose again, as a melody in my dreams,

In the lute of my heart?

This worthless birth can not do anything now

But, only just bless you to live a fulfilling life.

Dreams which refuse to die in memories

Which we dreamt together have now

Become smithereens of a gorgeous painting.

You are becoming a poignant recollection

In me, invoking stifling sobs and sighs

Within me, stricken with utter grief.




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