In the corridor that connects birth and death, 

Intense silence remains at standstill, there
Erupts a hushed moan, helplessly pleading
For some unexpressed assistance.
Let me own that silence, adopt it to
My soul, as meaningful moments,
That slips away elusively in the interlude
Of silence and sounds in life.
We make them into poems in all Its perfection
and contemplate on it.
Open my eyelids after my death and
Look into the depth, without apprehension.
You will observe the ripples in the sea of
Tears that were kept away from dropping
Down through the cheeks, grimly.
Even the destiny is preventing me
To become insane, lest I forget
To remember everything…







The dew drops slumbered
Wearied by the constant kisse
The moonlight was pouring throughout the night.

The petals on the blossom of the night
Opened and the butterflies of my dreams awoke,
Attempting to flutter around my lonesome mind.
The desolate night through which many a time
The veil of sleep disorbed, and you walked in
Carrying an evergreen blissful dream with you,
And gifted me with countless ecstasies en-wrapped in
Your love with passion and the ardour of your affection,
Sumptuously ornate in the rhythms of your breath..
Many a lonely night wherein my reveries,
My unperceived imaginations
Diffused into your blossoming eyes;
And my ruminations on you, are holding
The rhythms of my music in my heart.
My beloved you have become my melodies
Budding your reminiscences in them and
The voice of my blithesome delights in the soul.






Desires. Like A tailor bird, are weaving out a tiny nest,
With a thousand dreams.
Expectations silently lighted the lamps
Umpteen times, frequently had to put it out,
Again and again, in frustration.
Saddening realities have entered from remote
Unknown areas of disillusionment.
I was erecting a splendid edifice
On the land of my dreams and imaginations,
Even while time clasps shackles on my wrist.
My very small aspirations conserved
In the garret of my mind, still look forward to
Sing lullabies in elation, in its realization.
Life is like a paper boat in the lake of tears,
Drifting rudderless, in the midst of the vast
Expanse of water, and rocking in the waves;
Far away shores remain unseen, in the stark
Darkness of the vagabond night.
No one to share the anguish in the mind;
No one to help, to set down my burden.
Somewhere in the far corner of the horizon,
A few stars are staring at me, through the veil
Of darkness, with wrath, appearing like sentinels,
And the streak of lightning piercing the darkness,
Cannot placate the condemnation of the night.
I am still awaiting to hear the song of the Sea birds,
as I am befuddled with my directions;
Seeking the shores, struggling in the arms of the waves.
The flame of my hankering is swaying in
the Eddies and vortices with life’s turbulence.
The earthen pots of scorching pain are seeking
Water to quench its burning thirst.
In the chilling breeze around the corner,
The sun painted the eastern sky with crimson
Surrealistic images, and it looks like the shore is nearby now..






How strange is the platform of life  

That exists with an origin unknown
And whose destination unseen!
We are mere individuals
Jinxed with squint eyes and colour blindness
Unable to decipher the hues of life!

But lo! How vibrant  is the essence of life!
How luminous is the play of colours in our life!
They are a prelude to our vociferous existence.
They add limericks to a derelict mind.
It precipitate to a hackneyed routine.
Are they not the nuances of an incandescent living?
They are a hymn to a life of harmony.
And they emanate from the subtle aura of the soul.
We embark on our sojourn to earth
With spots of red blood,  all over us.

Do they convey an unread message too?
The blue skies and deep ocean denote a truthful vision.
Though the purple fruits of distress hit us quite often.
Green leaves and trees show us the hope of eternal life;
Orange flowers, lend us strength and endurance;
The yellow sun that shines signifies honour and loyalty;
And the black terrain connotes  the ultimate end….
Is  life’s premises not  much complicated?
Though it commences with a threat through blood,
And concludes with embellished naught,
Transition of colours from red to black
Epitomises our journey of life.
What a radiant life  we  got to live!





Hark ! Is that the tinkling of her anklet or
The rippling of the waves, or the chirping of sea birds;
Or the vibrant tone of the bowstrings
On the bow of Cupid, or is it the
Fluttering sound of my beloved’s laughter?

Day dreams are burgeoning;
Desires are filling up in the mind’s cavern;
Nectar is flooding up through the veins;
Alabaster bosom with the fragrance of
Sandalwood Is pulsating with suppressed passions…
The smell… The intoxicating smell of a woman
Enhanced the charisma of that evening.

Nerves are entwining and entangling,
And dancing like mating snakes with their
Hoods spread out, in rhythmic oscillation.
The flowers of my ecstasies are enfolding you.
The alluring fragrance of a woman’s body
Added untold delights to that evening.
Is it a vision or a dream or a hallucination?
I can’t decipher, but one thing I am assured;
It was your fragrance that permeated there!







Silent anguish… silent anguish

In the cage of diffident memories

Building up melancholy in the heart

Unable to shed even a drop of tear

And all the while silent anguish

Grows in the soul like a canker in the bud……

Destiny plays the game

And blossoms are withering

Death- a companion from the moment of birth.

Most things change and the feeble

Life watches it, whimpering all the while

Becoming a recluse, a sad witness..

The day blossoms from the night and darkness

And the day merges into the obscurity

And time entering as rains,and snow,

Also as daylight wipe out so many things

Again life watches it whimpering

All the while in silent anguish….






         Stolen waters are sweeter…

Our dreams have a thousand wings

As we glide through the calm waters of

Unknown bliss, pervading our spirit.

Every episode of love only becomes

Succulent. when it fails to coalesce –

When it radiantly manifests in our

Losses, parting and desolation.

We discern it silently from the last episode

And we identify and discover the love in us.

Do not oppress your soul when you fail

In your dreams of love, as it shatters.

Love never fails; Love is always

Incomplete and never satiated;

Love is never fulfilled as it takes a turn

And culminate in a marriage.

Love is a magic, a delusion which

Makes us complacent even when it

Fails and also when it succeeds.

Every failure in love affairs will always

Tend to remain sore in our reveries;

But our love extend eternally, transcending our

Death and succeeding births,

As it was there, and it will be there;

Successively through ages, no matter

What we become, how we live and

How we pass into oblivion through

Our many incarnations, in the future.

Do not try to paraphrase its accomplishment

As marriage only… A Phenomena that last only

For a short while, in the march of time.

Enjoy the ecstasy of love even though

You are married, or in desolation, despondency

Frustration, affliction and chagrin.

Love is the sure panacea for everything in life.

It is a gift, a sentiment, an emotion embedded

In our soul to be carried all the way beyond grave.