I know now…
I belong to you as a dew drop !
A pearldrop that fall down and shatter into infinitesimal atoms
At the touch of your fingertip, without you knowing it.
I am your heart, the one that silently whimper for you.
I am the melody on your lips ever present and indelible.
A song stumbling, quavering and pining in the mind.
I am your life exclusively existing here though
Short lived in excruciating circumstances.
I am your depleted ocean, where the quite ripples
Dazzle under the midnoon sun,from where you take
A handful of water and pour over your chest;
A sea seeking the depth under your eyes,
You are my rain, showering chillness on my anguish
Assuaging the torpid insensibility of the soul;
The rain seeking the stinging throbs of my heart
The rain that assimilate in my sighs and diffuse
Falling in my eyelids; always longing to fall down
Permeating its heavenly fragrance around me.

***** ************ *****

Alas! You rob everything, you merciless time,
Stealing the magnifIcent dreams of rainbows
That flourished on the tiny petals of this blossom.
Why did you separate the tiny heart from its stem
With the ghastly fingers of your hands?
You never cared to behold for a moment
The bleeding eyes, bemoaning at the shattered
Pieces of the glass beads of desires, gathered
And closely kept in the bosom endearingly…
Though you promised an entire spring for me,
I came to blossom in you as a tiny flower
And to entice you with my sweet fragrance;
The providence granted me only a short
Evanascent life, and even then you
Plundered all of my dexterity and made me
Abortive and worthless, you abominable time!



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