A drop of nectar. the dewdrop

That seek the feathers of a glow worm…

Similitude one after another throng the mind

Like breeze, for touching you with my fingers…

Like love locks rollicking in the soft breeze

In bashful ecstasy; your coquetry laughter peeling like

The chinkling of a hundred bells, mellifluously.

Peacocks in pavane on your cheeks of damask rose;

Even the crescent moon will bow its head in defeat

Before the super transcendent apparition.

While the candied dreams blooms in the doe eyes,

And the earth and heaven swoons in that illusion.

When the softest draft embraces the vales,

And the ripples of the blue lagoon reflects the hues

Of the sky in the placid water, fronted with lotus leaves.

Then the blossoms of your angelic smiles accost me 

And you arrive in the sandal showering night

On a palanquin with the cupid’s arrows in your quiver,

To shoot into my heart, always hitting the bull’s eye.



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