Stolen waters are sweeter…

Our dreams have a thousand wings

As we glide through the calm waters of

Unknown bliss, pervading our spirit.

Every episode of love only becomes

Succulent. when it fails to coalesce –

When it radiantly manifests in our

Losses, parting and desolation.

We discern it silently from the last episode

And we identify and discover the love in us.

Do not oppress your soul when you fail

In your dreams of love, as it shatters.

Love never fails; Love is always

Incomplete and never satiated;

Love is never fulfilled as it takes a turn

And culminate in a marriage.

Love is a magic, a delusion which

Makes us complacent even when it

Fails and also when it succeeds.

Every failure in love affairs will always

Tend to remain sore in our reveries;

But our love extend eternally, transcending our

Death and succeeding births,

As it was there, and it will be there;

Successively through ages, no matter

What we become, how we live and

How we pass into oblivion through

Our many incarnations, in the future.

Do not try to paraphrase its accomplishment

As marriage only… A Phenomena that last only

For a short while, in the march of time.

Enjoy the ecstasy of love even though

You are married, or in desolation, despondency

Frustration, affliction and chagrin.

Love is the sure panacea for everything in life.

It is a gift, a sentiment, an emotion embedded

In our soul to be carried all the way beyond grave.









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