The dew drops slumbered
Wearied by the constant kisse
The moonlight was pouring throughout the night.

The petals on the blossom of the night
Opened and the butterflies of my dreams awoke,
Attempting to flutter around my lonesome mind.
The desolate night through which many a time
The veil of sleep disorbed, and you walked in
Carrying an evergreen blissful dream with you,
And gifted me with countless ecstasies en-wrapped in
Your love with passion and the ardour of your affection,
Sumptuously ornate in the rhythms of your breath..
Many a lonely night wherein my reveries,
My unperceived imaginations
Diffused into your blossoming eyes;
And my ruminations on you, are holding
The rhythms of my music in my heart.
My beloved you have become my melodies
Budding your reminiscences in them and
The voice of my blithesome delights in the soul.



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