I know now… I belong to you as a dew drop !
A pearl drop that fall down and shatter into infinitesimal atoms
At the touch of your fingertip, without you knowing it.

I am your heart, the one that silently whimper for you.
I am the melody on your lips ever present and indelible.
A song stumbling, quavering and pining in the mind.
I am your life exclusively existing here though
Short lived in excruciating circumstances.
I am your depleted ocean, where the quite ripples
Dazzle under the mid-noon sun,from where you take
A handful of water and pour over your chest;
A sea seeking the depth under your eyes,
You are my rain, showering chillness on my anguish
Assuaging the torpid insensibility of the soul;
The rain seeking the stinging throbs of my heart
The rain that assimilate in my sighs and diffuse
Falling in my eyelids; always longing to fall down
Permeating its heavenly fragrance around me.
***** ************ *****
Alas! You rob everything, you merciless time,
Stealing the magnificent dreams of rainbows
That flourished on the tiny petals of this blossom.
Why did you separate the tiny heart from its stem
With the ghastly fingers of your hands?
You never cared to behold for a moment
The bleeding eyes, bemoaning at the shattered
Pieces of the glass beads of desires, gathered
And closely kept in the bosom endearingly…
Though you promised an entire spring for me,
I came to blossom in you as a tiny flower
And to entice you with my sweet fragrance;
The providence granted me only a short
Evanascent life, and even then you
Plundered all of my dexterity and made me
Abortive and worthless, you abominable time!






It could be just an agitation in the mind
That devoured the words unknowingly;
Words that smouldered in the stumbling heart.
Or it could be the wailing of the shivering soul
In the wind of a winter sowing silence around.
Our lingua franca is so rich with the many beautiful
Words if they are unsaid or unuttered.
What will be the colour of the feather falling down
In the recess of a dream and reality?
At the inception, it will be flamboyant with
All the seven colours of the spectrum;
Then fading and blanching into
Disgusting grey, and finally
Into the copper colour of age old brass vessels’
Patina, where most of the time love takes
Its toll of death finally, and walk away.
So, my dear, swallow your words you desire to utter,
Let the wine of tender love give crimson
Hue to the starving innards of my body,
And intensive sweetness to my scorching lips
Together with a benevolent touch on
My pale emaciated arms.








A golden sitar that everyone covets to touch!
May I touch it with the feather tip of my fingers?
Let me sit beside you as an evening that sprinkle
Flamboyance on your cheeks.
You did not tell me anything that day
When I berated you about something..

What made you to keep silent, then
Not uttering even a word to me?
You kept quiet when I went away,
And when I sat at a distance,
Your eyes were moistI
And you didn’t tell me anything, and left.. Why?

Won’t you come in the twilight of the evening
And sit beside me, and I will faint out
And lie down in your lap,
Inebriated with the bliss your love.
You will kiss away the beads of sweat on
My face with your yearning lips, A
And when the moon slides away into the clouds
Fall over my chest in frenzy with the
Beatitude of being together again.








Those lines that were never written,

Those words swallowed unuttered

Were all for you, and about you.

The anxiety of the sodden sprout of grass

After the first rain, and the ecstasy

Of the first drop of rain, kissing the earth,

Are all inlaid in those words and unwritten lines.

Meandering like a winding river, downstream,

Through the lonesomeness of a solitary stork

Doing its penance earnestly on one leg,

In the far corner of a green velvety paddy field;

And through the resplendency of a king fisher’s wings;

Through the dreams of a jacaranda flower,

While I close on you, gliding softly in silence…

Greet me with a garland of blooms

From the rainbow; adorning your forehead

With a speck of vermilion, borrowed

From the evening sky, and a bewitching smile

On your lips,  that narrates untold heart throbs.

You will then listen to the cooing of my heart

In the dawn, while the morning mist covers the wood.

You can then fill up your scattered dreams

To the brim, with my love – Uncensored…






I never tried to weave a garland of jasmine,
To adorn your deep blue tress
Yet, how could you discern, that my arbour of jasmine
Was diffusing the perfume for you only?

The nectar of my love, though brimming in my soul,
I have not touched it, by a word and given it to you.
I never tried to dab the tears on your cheeks with my lips
In the loneliness of, some dark blue nights.
Still you knew, I embrace in my soul the thoughts
About you, all through out my present life.

Again and, again you inveigle my dreams
Awaken them with kisses after kisses incessantly.
Will the nomadic clouds ever give me a quill of its rain
To write a siesta of love on my aching eyelids,
Searching, the shores of tears in every dawn.
I am groping for the coloured dots of the rainbow
Of my amour, in the bundle of my reminiscence.

I will steal a drop of light from the candle of love
Shining in the alter of my soul
And spread its radiance before you.
You always give a trillion memories in my mind.
It wears the anklet of your love
And its tinkle resonates in my life..






Your sweet simper touched and awakened

My dulcified reminiscences, my darling!

Still you did not venture to imbibe the

Fragrance it had, together with me.

I am coming in an opulent palanquin,

Embellished with the flowers of my reveries.

I have been grazing among the

Towering elegance of my previous births.

We sang in much carousal;

We danced mirthfully and boisterously.

We made our nights to become days.

I visualize vistas of these by-gone moments now.

To day my nightingales will knock on the doors

Of your inner self, now bolted by oblivion,

By a song of reveille, always in their lips.






This road is lonely; not a soul around.

The sky looks so majestic, with all its possession.

Your memory is filling me with all its opulence;

Then I saw a star weeping up there, glimmering,

Shedding its tears, into the clouds below.

Our futile birth has become the whimpering

Hand of a clock, indicating the seconds in life

Of the boundless eternity.

Grief and happiness mingle here;

And desires and passions die here;

Naturally without any cause or reasons.

In those days I sang for you to hear,

And I wrote poems for you to read.

But now you are not in my presence;

Only wilted dry petals of blossoms

Withered from the plaids of your hair

Remain here, reminding me of your

Exquisite smiles and laughter and

Your humorous prattle.

Man! Who created you in this earth?

Who glorified you in this life?

You have deserted me, but your

Memory still persists and enlivens

My soul- Everlasting, fresh and green,

Even after death …for ever and always yours.