While my whole life,

Wearily sleep incongruously.

Vision of a sweet compassion,

Make a stage show in the mind,

Like a fairy walking, and coming

Out of the moonlight,

Vanishing into thin air,

Deep inside the infinite blue yonder.


The gorgeous moon sleeping in

The ether, became her companion,

She disappeared like a star,

from my eyes.

Entrancing reveries of hopes,

Withered and fell dead,

Into the empty wilderness,

Of disappointments,

On the vistas of the isolated paths,

of gruesome life.

Those dots of stains of strains are

Still stirring up untold grief.


As inspiring festivities of the spring,

Commence with its flowers,

Desires enter the mind as an uninvited caller.

Do you overhear the tales of my

Thousand and One nights,

Immersed in the chaos of stricken heart;

While sitting in your abode, in the sky

With it’s, scores of stores of stories.




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