This road is lonely; not a soul around.

The sky looks so majestic, with all its possession.

Your memory is filling me with all its opulence;

Then I saw a star weeping up there, glimmering,

Shedding its tears, into the clouds below.

Our futile birth has become the whimpering

Hand of a clock, indicating the seconds in life

Of the boundless eternity.

Grief and happiness mingle here;

And desires and passions die here;

Naturally without any cause or reasons.

In those days I sang for you to hear,

And I wrote poems for you to read.

But now you are not in my presence;

Only wilted dry petals of blossoms

Withered from the plaids of your hair

Remain here, reminding me of your

Exquisite smiles and laughter and

Your humorous prattle.

Man! Who created you in this earth?

Who glorified you in this life?

You have deserted me, but your

Memory still persists and enlivens

My soul- Everlasting, fresh and green,

Even after death …for ever and always yours.



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