I never tried to weave a garland of jasmine,
To adorn your deep blue tress
Yet, how could you discern, that my arbour of jasmine
Was diffusing the perfume for you only?

The nectar of my love, though brimming in my soul,
I have not touched it, by a word and given it to you.
I never tried to dab the tears on your cheeks with my lips
In the loneliness of, some dark blue nights.
Still you knew, I embrace in my soul the thoughts
About you, all through out my present life.

Again and, again you inveigle my dreams
Awaken them with kisses after kisses incessantly.
Will the nomadic clouds ever give me a quill of its rain
To write a siesta of love on my aching eyelids,
Searching, the shores of tears in every dawn.
I am groping for the coloured dots of the rainbow
Of my amour, in the bundle of my reminiscence.

I will steal a drop of light from the candle of love
Shining in the alter of my soul
And spread its radiance before you.
You always give a trillion memories in my mind.
It wears the anklet of your love
And its tinkle resonates in my life..



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