In this flight of stone steps;
In the shade of this banyan tree;
If you could sit with me once again!
I will enfold you with all the flowers that
Wither and fall down in a whole summer.
If you could come to me, quietly like the dusk
Of a monsoon day, I could give you
A complete spell of rain, to chill you with bliss,
And I will stretch as a lightning around you.

If you could awaken as a flower, clad in dew drops
In the winter, I could share the warmth of my heart,
And preserve you without wilting in the winter cold.
Strange and unknown are the paths of our future;
I long to scribble a secret hitherto untold,
On the petals of your tender heart
If you could come to me, at this moment…,












Mind… a mysterious cage,
A playhouse for illusions and vanity.
Many a desires, in one moment,
And the splendor of laughter turns
In another moment, to grief stricken
Tears… welling in the eyelids.

The shores swoon in ecstasy,
With every waves, enrapturing it.
And when it returns, a pyre burns
Inside the amiable bosom.
Search the bloom inside a bush and
The finger is bruised with a thorn.

When life’s music surges onward
Grief imparts its tragic pitch,
To a discordant melody.
Like shadows cast by the burning candle,
Glamour of life, cast futility in its wake.
Dreams bring vivid grandeur to life
Though fleeting, ephemeral, evanescent;
Yet gives a semblance with reality…
Of coveted afflictions of the mind
Of Love, of beloved and of harmony…






While tears rained over me
I held an umbrella
Of smiles over my head;
I dived and searched for
Pearls in a sea of anguish;
Just to see the gleeful
Smile of the world around me.
The sun strew the smile of the day
And the moon light is the smile of the night.
The golden waves that hug the shores
Is the simper of the ocean.
And the blossoms show the smile of the good earth;
The weeping clouds smile through the rainbows
Magnificent and flamboyant with its hues.

Grief made it out through poetry;
Silence shows it through sighs and sobs.
I built my play house on the bank of
A stream of tears and toil of forsaken love,
Then made a flute to play, with the bamboo
Of my broken heart in condescension,
To sing a rueful song of my love







 Why do you ask me to adore you,

Clasping your fingers around the wrist

Of my frail hands, that has lost its strength?

You know better, you could entice a stronger

Lover than me, more charming and suave,

If you wish, and be with him for eternity.

My heart has melted out already and

I don’t have much to offer you, to fulfill

Your needs, as you fancy in your dreams.

Then why did you come to me from that

Faraway place, seeking only me?

I have not kept anything saved for you,

In the languor of my forgetfulness.

I have always been reminding myself,

That you are there in the faraway place

Keeping vigil to approach me one day,

And I knew you will come any day, seeking me

And embrace me in your love for me.

While I went out strolling around, in the pale

Moonlight through the darkened alleys,

I used to tell myself about your coming one day.

But Oh! DEATH, I never even wished it should

Be this moment that you chose to come;

Seeking me to take me away to your abode….






Through tear filled eyes,
Through silent anguish.
Souls being separated;
The pangs of desolation
Is unknown to the cruel destiny!
Like sharing and partitioning.
Gold, jewelry and wealth,
Never try to cut and tear away
The heart, of its cloying relations;
Never splinter and separate it.
The five elements of the universe have
Adorned you, the attire you are wearing,
On your soul and you never had a choice
To decide on what ever you desired;
Even if your attire is removed at
Your death, do not attempt to
Break away from a relationship of
The heart, because you are merely
A witness of a story being unfolded
On its own, without your effort or
Fancy or desire, or aspirations.
Do not interrupt its natural evolution!

~… Kunjubi







Bliss is just a shadow only in this world,
Haunted by the freezing winter of grief.

Mind is a senile phenomenon,

Wandering everywhere seeking pleasure;

A will-o’-the-wispIn the hornet’s nest of grief,

My passions plunged its face 

And the dreams that overwhelmed

In my eyes blossomed as flowers of agony.

When truth seeks a sanctuary

To lie down on the slings and arrows

Of outrageous calumnies,

The humans only guffaws,

Masking the conscience

With sympathetic grins on their faces…












The panorama was a grandeur; the setting sun,
The resplendent evening sky, the homing birds,
The soft tidal waves surfed on the shores, kissing
The sands for long moments, reluctant to turn back,
Squeezing the nectar out of its lips, while receding.

Your countenance was imprinted in my imagination then.
I felt like seeing you and you came to me, as in a dream,
I felt like talking something to you and we understood
Each other; and when we understood each other
I realized there is love lurking in your silence and gaze;
From that moment I never wanted to be away from you.

I will prepare a thousand springs,
with a tiny flower from my dreams
For you to mirthfully ravish, and enjoy your days.
And when you are away from me, and I cannot see you
My teardrops will turn out into incessant rains and
Douse you with my memories.
I will paint your visage with the rainbows and umpteen
Moonlights mixed on the palette of my love,
And write with the quill of your eternal affection,
The sonnets of my life’s melodies again and again…