It appears, someone has opened the windows
Of the silver shines of the full moon.
Or could it be the lustre on your face, as
The moon beaming with love.

Or the plumes of mist falling softly, and
Silently on the petals of the camellia

Or the coquetry of the startled rain
Or the strain, of the humming wind’s passion?

Or the rustling, of the silver anklet, on your feet?
Or, it could even be the sparkling laughter, of the
Jasmine, unfurling its petals timidly..

Some one had gently opened these windows!

I will enter the lap of the sky, transformed into
A silver cloud, as you become, a rain dream of your love,
And shower, drenching me in that frenzy of passions.

Then we will perfuse and become one in us,
Like the blueness adorned by the raging sea.
Me and you, and the sodden clouds have,
Only one ecstasy; to enter into and enfold into one!

If I wander, as a melody with the wings of
Desires, seeking you,
Could you find me out, and your tenderness
Keep me imprisoned, by the padlock of your love;
Skimming in the fuddle of the tremulous music,
Emanating through the awakened ardour
Of the heart strings, I am waiting
At the door steps, of your hankering now!



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