The panorama was a grandeur; the setting sun,
The resplendent evening sky, the homing birds,
The soft tidal waves surfed on the shores, kissing
The sands for long moments, reluctant to turn back,
Squeezing the nectar out of its lips, while receding.

Your countenance was imprinted in my imagination then.
I felt like seeing you and you came to me, as in a dream,
I felt like talking something to you and we understood
Each other; and when we understood each other
I realized there is love lurking in your silence and gaze;
From that moment I never wanted to be away from you.

I will prepare a thousand springs,
with a tiny flower from my dreams
For you to mirthfully ravish, and enjoy your days.
And when you are away from me, and I cannot see you
My teardrops will turn out into incessant rains and
Douse you with my memories.
I will paint your visage with the rainbows and umpteen
Moonlights mixed on the palette of my love,
And write with the quill of your eternal affection,
The sonnets of my life’s melodies again and again…


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