Why do you ask me to adore you,

Clasping your fingers around the wrist

Of my frail hands, that has lost its strength?

You know better, you could entice a stronger

Lover than me, more charming and suave,

If you wish, and be with him for eternity.

My heart has melted out already and

I don’t have much to offer you, to fulfill

Your needs, as you fancy in your dreams.

Then why did you come to me from that

Faraway place, seeking only me?

I have not kept anything saved for you,

In the languor of my forgetfulness.

I have always been reminding myself,

That you are there in the faraway place

Keeping vigil to approach me one day,

And I knew you will come any day, seeking me

And embrace me in your love for me.

While I went out strolling around, in the pale

Moonlight through the darkened alleys,

I used to tell myself about your coming one day.

But Oh! DEATH, I never even wished it should

Be this moment that you chose to come;

Seeking me to take me away to your abode….



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