I wish if the lamp could extend its wick a little more
To brighten and give a little more light
Just to ward off the darkness that pervade
Masking the mind, from disintegrating.
And tranquilise my weary dreams collapsing
In the alleys of the merciful darkness.

You have come to the rainsodden nest
Of my heart , without me knowing it, 
And roosted there like the migrating bird.
You went away without telling me
At a most delicate and subtle moment
On a day that was filled with ecstasy
And inexplicable felicity beaming around.

Do you feel the quivering of a painful feather
On one of your splendored wings now?
Like a glistening dandy pearl resting in the mist,
That is blotted away by the morning daylight,
You diffuse as an ache from a sore wound
On the walls of my soul from that desolate moment.
A dolorous and despondent melancholy permeates…………..




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