I tied up a swing, with the shattered threads
Of my dreams, high up on the branches
Of a tree, that I tended and watered,
With the tears flowing out of my dismal solitude;
Nourishing it to grow up and spread out,
In the far away shores of the sea of time,
In the silent valley of death, and oblivion.

I waited for my soul mate to join me,
Under the bluish light of the twinkling stars,
Keeping my heart in my eyelids for her.
I could not hear the flutter of time flying away
Over my vigil, unnoticed, in my consternation.

Cry now; cry till your heart bursts.
Hide in a place, where no one can notice you;
Lonely, and aloof from everyone.
Why did you attempt to awaken the
Strings of music, touching it with
Your delicate fingertips, without
The accent of the all powerful destiny?
Why did you try to kindle the desires, without
Knowing the finale of the story beforehand?

Compressing all thoughts and emotions
Into a monosyllable;
And in a glance to say farewell;
Let us bid farewell to each other now.
The countenance has reddened,
Tears welled up and brimming over,
In those eyes, where exquisite dreams
Dazzled in splendor, once.
Taking leave without saying a word,
In the magnificent lustre of the evening sky.

Is there any emotion that hesitates
To surrender, to silence?
Any lyric or utterance that could not be subdued
By the mind, in its reticence?
The spring time is receding bidding adieu,
Offering its ultimate bouquet of flowers.
The leaves are silent preparing to fall down.
Is there a heart that can’t be suppressed
By the mute will of the mind;
Any sound or any rhythm, beats or cadence
Or music or vibes, that could resist?



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