What for is sweetness embedded in this song

If you are not coming here once to listen to it..

Why the flowing water should keep love in its mind

If there is no shore to embrace it; or

To hug and hold close in the flurry of passion.

Why should the moon show its face among the clouds,

On a night when you are not beside me then.

Why should the rainbow bloom in the firmament,

If you are not there as a peacock in its pavane..

Where is the charm, which bewitches me with a sweet smile?

Tell me, my beloved; I am groping in the gloomy eve of time

That awakens my dreams, and arouses me out of my lassitude;

The heart is tuning up the chords of love and the sweet

Music is flowing out through the breeze, and

Love has become an inimitable inebriating rhythm.

The doors of the ivory castles will open for us.

The flower of Paradise will bloom magically for us.

A new dawn is opening its eyelids from slumber.

Wipe your tears and trust that you are not alone.

The spring zephyr will confide in your ears

That without me you are a non-entity.




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