Do you know when you came?
Riding in the chariot of a dream
In the early hours of the dawn
While the sun was amusing in his nuptial bower….

As an incomparable piece of music;
Like the long remembered overture of a melody;
Like a tiny drop of tear hanging on the eye lids;
Like the touch of a feather, smothering your love;
Like the silver lining on a ghostly cloud;
Like the ravishing tinge of the rainbow;
Like the nectar flowing out of flute;
Like the golden moments of a precious dream,
Presenting my soul with eternal joy.

Like the splendor lurking in the evening sky
Bidding ‘Adieus’, whispering to the sun
To stay embracing her for a little more time‘
I have to keep vigil to see you again, and
Gather in the east in the early dawn;

Like the tender grass peeping out on the forehead
Of the sodden earth after the first rain
And the sweet passionate smile on its face
When they hustle in its pleasure.

Like the innumerous daughters of the gods
The stars-with their eyelids ajar
In their coyness before the full moon on a wintry night;
Like the golden swans fluttering its wings
In its ecstasy, walking on the shores of love, in unison;
Like the sweet freshness carried to the mind
By watching the helpless raindrops dripping
Reluctantly from the palm fronted roof
Of my humble dwelling…………”I beg you..
Filling my heart with the strings of these
Vistas, do not fade out of this radiant dream!






Tidal waves! Waves that can never cease and sleep;
Insomniac, laughing always, cuddling together
And hugging and playing on the shores;
Swimming around in delicate ecstasy!

Let us become these waves of this ocean.
Of our immortal and eternal passions.
et us cover up our stripped nakedness
Of intense emotions, under the blanket
Of the silvery moon light, beaming from heaven,
Submerge ourselves in a game frolicking
In this alluring and fuddling water;
Entwining our bodies like snakes, when mating
With hoods of rubies and crawling in the sand,
Wriggle and slither in unison in the frenzy
Of lecherous passions, in each of our cells,
Forgetting ourselves, in its entrancement.

Let us become the shores of this ocean;
And allow the delicate nails of the waves,
To scratch and bruise, while fondling the breast,
Lying spread-eagled there invitingly,
Filled in feverish love with lust.
Melt into a state of euphoric exultation;
And gather the oysters from the whirls
Of her navel of strings, and kiss them.







Hark ! Is that the tinkling of her anklet or

The rippling of the waves, or the chirping of sea birds;

Or the vibrant tone of the bowstrings

On the bow of Cupid, or is it the

Fluttering sound of my beloved’s laughter?

Day dreams are burgeoning;

Desires are filling up in the mind’s cavern;

Nectar is flooding up through the veins;

Alabaster bosom with the fragrance of Sandalwood

Is pulsating with suppressed passions…

The smell… The intoxicating smell of a woman

Enhanced the charisma of that evening.





I smell the musk in the breeze and asked her,

If she has seen my beloved and caressed her cheeks,

While she was passing through.

The silver bells on her anklets tinkled in a melody,

While she ran, and I heard it in the distance.

The ripples chilled my heart with jubilation,

As she plunged into the blue waters, of the tiny river.

Did the tender trunk, of that small plant,

Leaning on my pulsating bosom, shiver?

Did the rosy lips, adorning the sign of my

Ardent love there, for a moment, quiver?

The stars blossomed in her stunning eyes;

Twilight blossomed on the cheeks, wet with coyness;

Nectar of the grapes dripped from the red soft lips; and

My name overflows abundantly in her honeyed words.

I can not delineate the delight in my heart

As I awaken in you, with all my sweet imagery.

It is not the five flowers, nor the radiance of

The gorgeous moon, which is desired;

But your adorable eyelids are Cupid’s dearest arrows….





Whoever goes, whoever continues…?
Let us each pour one more for the road!
When the cap and the bottle
Move apart quarreling,
Do you hear the tightening
Of the strings of our nerves, in our ears?

The exit door opens to a gully,
But we will reach the crowded street, too soon
After eight or nine paces, from there.

We two are more than a crowd
For celebrating this festival.
This is in fact, an orgy of friendship.
Give that cigarette after
Three more puffs, to me.
Why don’t you lick on this pickle?
I tasted it; but it’s too hot!
Do not look at your watch in this dim light,
Like the moon stooping into the clouds.
The smoke in this room conceals every thing.
Do not get away before long, thinking and
Worrying, about unfinished chores at home.
Though you laugh now, and not looking at me straight.

Oh! Ignore that tiff at the next table,
And, the altercations, along with it.
And the isolated song, inebriated on
A single beer, he had till now…
Leave it, and do not care about
That sign over the counter admonishing
Singing loudly; I can’t tolerate such cautions!

You should never imagine that
Your partner has no sense, after three rounds.
I can also hear the tumult of the dead ones,
Quite clearly in my ears, now, just as you.
Can also, see their pale faces, tottering here.

Hey! If I said anything superfluous,
Do one thing for me; you can just edit it.
It is alright, I can go alone. See I can walk steadily!…






When it becomes incessant agonies

And even your simper in my memory

Is identified as a thousand lumps

In the throat with sighs;

When life separates us as humdrum

Strangers in quick moves in a jiffy;

Just save for our destiny and prospect

A long silence…

A drop of tear…

A handful of affectionate words,

Besides a sanguine expectation

Extending from you to me…






bsIn the words which I coveted to pronounce

Did you ever find in it, the honey that
You sought to imbibe.
Those uttered words filled with sweet love
Desired to soar up like a butterfly
The heart coveted to spread its wings,
The blossoms also yearned to fly like the butterflies

The tender whisper of your love diffuse
In my ears the sweet pang of affection.
I am waiting with thirst in my heart to
Imbibe the sacred water of your love,
You will pour in to the palm of my hand.

The nature has spread a canopy
Over us, for the consummation of our love.
I was waiting for this luscious moment in my life
That could bring the tingle in your bosom
Like a garland of jasmine buds .
The ecstatic soul suspiring to pour
The honey, beckoning you to come
Into the meadow, where the moonlight
Has blossomed and whispering into your soul…